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A Day in the Life of a Trainee Chef

This is the Class of 2020 that came to train on our Culinary Certificate Course for 4 months.

They nervously arrived in January, dressed in an assortment of clothes which were promptly replaced with chefs uniform provided by Okavango Cooking School. The course starts with a few days of orientation and getting to know each other and by the end of the week we are all a team ready to work together.

The day begins with the trainee chefs sitting together around a table, often outside in the shade of a Sausage Tree (Kigela africana), with theory and once that is done they start their practical training for the day. The course is divided into 9 modules, on completion of each module the trainees take a written exam.

Everyone loves cooking in the kitchen and we do a lot of that on the 4 month culinary course. The kitchen is setup with individual tables equipped with a complete set of kitchen utensils and equipment. Lessons vary from demonstrations from the trainer, to preparing and cooking on their own either in the kitchen or on an open fire.

Throughout the training course the trainee chefs are marked and examined on their cooking skills and presentation. At the end of the 4 month training course a final practical exam is performed.

On completion of the course we have a farewell ceremony and our trainees receive a certificate and have the knowledge and basic skills to cook. Some further their training in the culinary industry; find work in the hospitality industry; or start their own businesses.

Completing the 4 month training course is always emotional and this year, 2020, was especially difficult with COVID-19 disrupting classes and shutting down for 2 months, however our trainees left feeling proud and a deep sense of achievement having been part of the Okavango Cooking School family.

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